Friday, August 18, 2006

Fall + hunting = lonely wife

Its that time again...well not quite time, but damn close enough. The time I am referring to is hunting season. For me, this year's hunting season began in June. That's when the love of my life and I took our first trip to Dundee. "So what?" you may ask. Dundee just so happens to be home of Cabela's - mecca of the hunter's world. Like the proverbial Kid in the Candy Store (him, not me), we beelined for the gun section where we spent 40 minutes discussing the merits of synthetic vs. wood? Then we volleyed between the guns and then the bows. Quick diversion through the Bargain Cave. Then came the camo section, the gun cases, back to bows for one more scopy thing. We looked at scopes, slings, targets, cases, ammo, range finders (both in the gun section and in the Bargain Cave), feeders, arrows, used guns, mosquito suits. I left him to look upstairs, check out the mounts, and see if there was any women's clothing without camo on it while he discussed the thingamajig he was having installed on his bow. Five hours later, we left as the proud owners (yes, I include myself as co-owner of this thing based soley on my personal time investment) of a new Remington 700 30/06...whew. Ain't he handsome girls? and I mean the man, not the gun!

It was only later that I found out that I never even saw the aquaium, nor the river you could actually fish in! I guess that means we are destined to return another day.

Since that day, Matt also purchased a nice new 200 lb. deer feeder which he and Tyler recently installed at CampOsto. This is one of those fancy shmancy ones with the automatic timer that releases a specified amount of food at times during the day. Here bambi, bambi, bambi.

He has also commenced with the bow target shooting in my back yard. Now next to my lovely flower bed filled with gladiolas, cosmos and dahlia's sits "Bucky" and the bean bag target. Why???

He has also started Tivo-ing all the hunting specials from the Hunting Channel (another favorite of mine) to watch and prepare? I TRY to tell him that these are tame deer that someone is luring to the kill with a nice juicy sugar beet and by calling the deer by name, but he doesn't believe me.

With all of these "investments" as Matt calls them, he better get a stinking deer this year. Otherwise I'm afraid of the new things we will have to purchase to get ourselves a buck with a bow or a gun! (or a duck for that matter)

I love you honey, I'm glad you have a hobby...I just wish it only lasted two months, instead of all year!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Photos from July 4th

Nannie Pat, Papa Bob, Brady, Calli and Tyler.

A view of the Sandpiper, new canoe and shed!

Hunter & TJ sport the official uniform of Camp Osto - the mosquito suit!

Calli brings the motorola in case a swarm carries her away!

Putting the finishing touches on the new shed.

I suppose Ice Mountain will be calling us now.

Chooch tests the new pump and loves that he can make mud.

The gang hits the river.