Friday, August 29, 2008

August...part 2

Mid August - we had our friends, Steve and Lisa and their kids up to Camp Osto for a tube trip. It was their first visit and I know they were impressed. Steve is in awe of the pure luxury that can only be found at Camp Osto. They are moving to Brazil soon and we will miss them so much!
We also went back up to the family cottage last week and had a great time. Except Marley (the dog) got bit or stung by something on Sunday night (your dog will always need emergency medical attention on a weekend...) and her eyes swelled shut and she got hives all over her body. Osto called a vet up where we were and he told us to give her benedryl. Luckily we had those meltaway strips (very handy for a dog) and that bought her sleep for about three hours at a time. But not for me or Osto. I think he would have taken her in that minute, but the emergency vet fee to walk in the door at 11:30 on a Sunday night was $150 - just to start. She wasn't having any trouble breathing, so I thought we should wait. (I'm poor not heartless). Needless to say we were at the vet first thing in the morning for a steriod shot and meds. $92.00 later our puppy is feeling better. It was weird. We had a very relaxing week and did some fun stuff with the kids like visit a maritime museum in Alpena, and my dad and Osto took them putt putt golfing while mom and I shopped. Kids were very good so that always makes it better for me! The kids fished and caught frogs, toads and turtles. We named the turtles Rainbow and Dude and painted their first initial on their backs and set them free. T-Bird shot his first critter - a chipmunk and then it was game on and he was a war with the little rodents. The giant head thing (see pic below) is outside of the Alpena Combat Training Readiness Center.

August...part 1

Ok, I can hear you now...your silent screams telling me to update my blog. I have been so BUSY I will have to recount for you in stages...
Tube Fest was a bomb, that's why there was no fancy posting and cute photos. I had to delete one reputation ruining photo (thanks Osto). (Note to not mix gin and tonics with jello shots.) Thanks to all our friends who didn't come and see me turn tonic. nuff said.

HOWEVER, we did make our annual visit to the guys we buy wood from, affectionately and appropriately nicknamed woodticks. This is an experience in and of itself. It scares the hell out of me and I beg to not have to go, yet there I am sitting in the 'ol Black Beauty pick up discretely trying to take pictures because you cannot believe this place unless you see it with your own eyes. The guy is 84 and lives amid an unsavory collection of broken down singlewides, rusting appliances, disgarded travel trailers, mangy-looking dogs, rotten garbage and etc. I think his only income is from the sale of his wood. It never fails that he and Osto will start filling up the pick up (a full load of wood for $25) and some notorious-looking character or two will appear from amid the garbage heaps. The one this time looked like a beatdown, broken and strungout version of Captain Jack Sparrow crossed with a hell's angel. I enlarged one pic below to give you a taste...

I'm sure they are nice people once you get to know them.

Move into the country, eat a lot of peaches...

OMG! Try this recipe. Use Red Haven's if you got 'em! Delish...

Preppy Kid

I think prep school is in this kid's future...the tie was his idea.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Rewind...back to cottage week

My family's cottage, which now the fourth generation is enjoying, is one of my favorite summertime escapes. All the things I loved as a kid are still there and it is great to live those same loves with my kids and extended family! Some of the favorites include - jumping off the pontoon and swimming in the "deep" water, swimming on the island, listening to the loons, visiting the CLB (bar), working the nightly crossword puzzle, playing cards, taking walks to get ice cream at the corner store, and walking around the lake (a new family tradition). I hope you have a great summer escape that fills you with memories too - especially with people you love.