Thursday, October 30, 2008

Punkin' Carvin'


Here are some of the latest and greatest words of wisdom from the Chooch...

"Dad, I need to put on some deodorant. I smell like a guy."

...Chooch picks up some dainty heart shaped soaps at a shop.
His Nannie says, "Your dad wouldn't think you are very manly if you brought home heart shaped soap."
Chooch spies some soaps shaped like squares and says,
"these soaps smell good and they are boy-ly".

"Everytime you look at this ghost I made (arts and crafts from preschool),
I want you to think of me."
"Mom, are those shows you are watching appropriate?"

You have to love and appreciate four-year-old wisdom!

10 year old collection

I had to run my 10 year old's coat through the wash machine the other day. It felt like the pockets were full, so I reached into them. All of them. Here is what I found...

Seven quarters
Basketball game ticket
twist ties
a gold ring
animal skull

Yes, you read that right. Animal skull. Like maybe a skunk? Or possum? A porcupine? Some smallish rodent head with fangy teeth. I love it!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Glory Days

This weather has me happy! I guess I must have that seasonal affective disorder because I sure feel better when the sun is shining and it is 75 degrees and the trees are turning their beautiful fall colors.
We spent the weekend at my parents for the annual duck hunting opener. It was Bird's first official hunt, so we were all excited. I can't get into all the muckety muck, but there were a couple of run-in's with an evil DNR lady and now they won't be able to hunt in the spot they've hunted for the past 30 years (for my dad) and 11 years (for my hubby). It was all a big missunderstanding, but I feel bad for the guys. Anyways, they managed to snag 3 ducks and a goose and we had a great meal this afternoon that my brother, Chris, always prepares. Yum!

Marley also got to try her hand at retreiving a real duck (she didn't go with them on the hunt yet), but was very interested in the ducks they brought back. After a little coaxing, her instinct kicked in and she did a great job retrieving the ducks out of the river.
The other kids had a great time fishing off the dock with Papa and going to the park with Nannie and me.