Tuesday, July 29, 2008


We got a nuvi (because Osto has to be like George).
I've named her Olivia.
I wish she would say things in her pert little British accent like, "You missed your bloody turn jerkoff."
That might make me like her more. =)
Osto...you're a geek.

Grand Haven Pics

Papa's Surprise

Stop the music...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Two years of blogging

I just realized that you have been following my rambling blog for TWO YEARS? Thanks for sticking with me, now if you could only click on the little link below each post. It is called "comments". Once you click there you can type a comment. I know, I know, it is crazy that you click the link called "comments" and then write your comment and then *poof* like magic it will appear on my blog. This technology thing - wacky!

Anyways, thanks to those of you who check in on my life every now and again. I hope to have some pics posted soon from last week's up north vacation. I only took 90 shots and a video, so it is taking a while to download. Also, if anyone has any pics of me and my dear friend George, can you please email to me? (camposto@comcast.net). I'm in the doghouse.

Love you all!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Papa Dan is the BIG SIX-ZERO


We love you.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tube Fest...


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Dear Koz

Yesterday was one year. Your death has made an impact on me and on people I love and know and care about. It is interesting how that can happen when I personally never knew you. I have seen a lot of people struggle over the past year. People who have wondered how they could have changed the outcome of the situation; people who have thought had they been there things would have been different; people who have let your death hit them at a place I may never understand. Your family will continue to grieve forever.

For me your death has been a motivator. You represent to me youth and hope and opportunity - all gone in an instant. You were the reality that all people who are close to cops hold in a place they only take out and look at once in a while, that "what if something happens place". Suddenly we were all forced to deal with it. It has been emotional to say the least. I put on one of the Thin Blue Line bracelets at the funeral and I have worn it every day. Every time I looked at it, I thought of your lost opportunity and the strength of those who continue to represent that little line. My marriage became stronger, I appreciate my family more. I pushed myself more personally. I tried to be more forgiving. I've spent more time with my friends.

Yesterday, I went to your grave. I cried a little for the man I never met. I took off my bracelet and laid it around a little candle there. I think you understand what that meant.

You will never be forgotten.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The past week

We headed up to see Russ and Amy T. on Thursday to let our kids run wild in the woods and sip toddies by the fire. It was a lot of fun. On Friday, our crew, the T's and the Gil crews headed to our now annual (because we've been there twice) fourth of July festivities at Bone's and Helen's place. Thank you everyone (including George & J-bear) for your hospitality!

Then we headed to Grand Haven, a picturesque town on Lake Michigan. (You may know it from the American Pie movies). (and click here to see potential shots of Ostos over the next few weeks - ha!).

We've been vacationing there for the last 11 summers and some Ostos for their whole lives. The day in GH goes like this...wake up, have breakfast and coffee, get ready for beach, go to beach all day, come back and take a shower and nap, eat dinner, walk to pier, eat ice cream. What can be better than that!? Some days when it rains, we shop and get pedicures (like yesterday when Cal got her first pedicure - a lovely shade of blue to match her shirt!).

We will be out there over the course of the week, then we are heading up north to the other family cottage!