Saturday, September 17, 2011

Crazy life

Spring and summer came and went and fall is closing in. When did that happen? I went back to work full time, so I suppose that is what happened. Life is very busy these days, and it feels like "sink or swim, baby!!!"

Kid life is in full swing with lots of sports activities, especially football and cross country. Chooch scored his first touchdown and T scored for his team! Very proud! Baby Girl is still flipping around the gym 4 days a week.

Osto went back to nights, poor guy. That schedule is insane. I'll leave it at that.

I am trying to keep my sanity, not sure yet if I am succeeding...but I know it will get better.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Winterfest Meet - Farmington Hills

Cal Trish had her second meet on Sunday. She placed 6th All Around and her team took 3rd place! It was a lot of fun watching these competitive little girls shine!
The team: Coach Ashley and Coach Alyssa
Cal, Sarah, Natalie
Sydney, Olivia, Jada
The 3rd Place Winners & First Trophy!

6th Place All-Around!

Bar Routine: 8.425 (8th Place)

Beam: 8.600 (8th Place)

Floor: 8.775 (5th Place)

Vault: 8.25 (3rd Place)

Vault 2

Snowmageddon 2011!!!!!

Blizzard 2011 is set to arrive this evening. The weather reports say this will (perhaps) be the biggest storm in 40 years. It is going to hit 60% of the country. We'll see! I'll post the before and after pics to capture for all posterity. I had to shovel this morning, no Here is the before:

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Well the beauties arrived. They are as pretty and shiny as expected. Three of the four buggers wouldn't fit. That's right. Insert swear words {here}. Now, if you know me, you know I am slightly handy. This is only due to genetics and really no talent of my own. If you know Osto, he is compromised in this area, chosing to hire out the work to provide jobs, and thus a living, to those who know how to do things such as installation work. This is economy stimulation you know!

WELL....after 20 cuss words, 20 pleas to the installation guys, 20 phone calls to various "handy" people (darn you), and 20 pep talks to each other, 2 of the 4 beauties are now installed and working. The stove needs a pipe moved (WAY over our heads) and Papa Bob may be able to handle that this weekend. WE (yeah, you read right), WE installed the microwave. And the dishwasher is a project for later. That involves tile removal. UGH!

We are close. I can use all but the dishwasher. I love them so far. Osto is awesome!
Re-Published on 2-1-11 with pics and our new wall in the LR. It is called "Tropical Nut".

Monday, January 17, 2011

First Meet

Baby Girl had her first gymnastics meet on Sunday. She is competing at USAG level 5. Overall she finished with a score of 31.75, not bad for her very first go! We were so proud of her! Nannie and Papa rounded out the cheering section.

Beam 8.05
Floor 7.15
Vault 8.40
Bars 8.15






Monday, January 10, 2011

Next Steps

Osto and I bought new appliances yesterday. They are coming next Monday. Something about that makes me feel like a big girl. I rarely spend money on myself, let alone my house. (I know, it shows). But I'm trying to grow up. My house needs it. The microwave handle fell off. Again. The fridge makes a loud humming noise. Then the stove stopped working. Time for these 20 year old appliances to go bye bye. Some will appear on a Craigslist near you soon, if you are in need of a great garage fridge for your beer or sodas.

Now, you know when those pretty babies arrive, all shiny and sparkley, the rest of my kitchen is going to look even more tired and crappy in comparison. I really want to be brave and paint the grainy, golden oak cabinets a really dark almost black brown, but I am a total chicken. I've been talking about it for about 4 years. But its like some forbidden taboo to paint oak cabinets, isn't it? Plus, I'm cheap so I want great professional results that I'm not sure I can pull off myself, so I guess I will have to mull it over for a while longer. Or until Osto kicks me into gear. (I'm the thinker, he's the doer!)

And we are going to paint our accent wall a burnt orange color. For some pizzaz or pop or something. I'll let you know how it all turns out.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Recapping 2010

Well 2011 sure got here in a hurry! I feel like I am a couple of weeks behind! 2010 was a great year and it ended with a bang at the Griffin's game on New Year's Eve. It was our first NYE ever with our kids, as they have always spent it with Nana and Papa. We had a great time and hope to plan more fun events in the years to come.

Highlights of 2010:
  • Celebrated Matt's 37th bday in Traverse City with Geno and Amy
  • Annual Rau cottage winter trip to celebrate Papa Bob / my bdays - Feb
  • Chooch played flag football
  • Osto plays his last basketball game (long story short)
  • Tim McGraw Concert!
  • I celebrated 10 years at my job at the Rain Concert (Beatles Tribute)
  • Osto decides to coach girls softball - Calli's team (the Cobra's) / Chooch starts t-ball / T pitches his first little league game!
  • Marley makes her debute and retirement in Dock Dog Jumping
  • Cal Trish stars in the school art show
  • Osto plays in a golf league with his high school buddies
  • Family celebrates all the May/June birthdays at the West Michigan White Caps game! A new tradition?
  • T plays lacrosse
  • Tall Ships celebration in Bay City
  • Rau Cottage summer time fun!
  • Camp Osto becomes a 1.5 star resort with the addition of power!
  • Cal joins a new gym and begins her competitive gymnastics career
  • Rau Reunion on the River
  • Super awesome UP Trip!
  • Annual Camp Osto Labor Day festivities
  • Tyler shoots his first deer at Camp Osto on September 26
  • Duck hunting on the Bay
  • Chooch becomes a Cub Scout
  • Wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations with family (as always)
We talked about our goals for 2011 and Osto is going to run a triathalon, the kids want to go to Mighigan Adventure and / or Great Wolf. My goals are harder, move more, eat better, sleep easier and of course, HAVE FUN! Should be a peace of cake right!? Happy 2011!