Saturday, October 28, 2006


Gretchen, one of my oldest and dearest friends stopped by today. Even though I hadn't seen her in a while we didn't miss a beat. We've been through a lot together over the past 20+ years, haven't we? A lot of laughs. Talking with her today got me thinking about it all...

I was so jealous of you when I first met you back around 1984??? You had blond feathered hair and you could rollerskate better than anyone I knew. All the boys loved you (probably cause you could skate backwards)! You laughed louder than anyone I had ever heard. Adults and teachers loved you.

You were the one who would write letters to Bryce for me ---"Do you want to go with Amy?" with the convenient YES and NO check boxes to make it really easy for him. (My mom would say, where are you going)? And your parents, who used to let you have parties at your house, and even though I'd sneak behind the bushes with some boy, I'd never let him kiss me!

Our best friend Jill. The Lutheran school dances. The Steves, Troys, Joeys, Adams, Erics, Matts (and the Immanual boys) of legend. Cheerleading and the infamous cartwheel!!! Going to the JGHS football games where you were already famous before you even arrived. Roni P's hairspray bottle of schnapps. The Hot tub parties. You knowing every word to "Rappers Delight." How could you be so loud with your mouth wired shut? Having sleepovers at your house where you always fell asleep first, usually by 9:30! You falling in love with Bill and becoming the unofficial darling/homecoming queen of Central H.S. Your chevette. Different high schools, Milford, Matt, John, Jon, Tom, WMU, MSU, Bronson/Tom/Bronson, Bryce and dave, but always Bill/Bill/Bill/Bill for you. The summer of 1993 in Bay City! First jobs, the Rathskeller pants drop!, the dave fiasco, the Rathskeller fight (almost), blinddate=love at first sight with Matt, the Midland Street police swarm, weddings, Ed, our brothers, first homes, Olivia, Tyler, new friends, the loss of your Mom, Mitchell, Calli, new homes, trip to Vegas, Brady, new jobs, crazy neighbors, and so much more in between. Unbelieveable heartaches mixed in with incredible joy. Its all there...its our lives.

You are my angel on earth, my best friend. Thanks for being you.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Successful Bow Hunt!


Matt shot a 7 point last night in Byron Center. It should be an 8 point, but it broke its antler.
He says, "best part was no tracking in the rain, as I watched it fall 40 yards from my stand."

Monday, October 16, 2006

Hunting Update

Its October 16. Officially mid-bow season.
Matt shot a doe. When he recovered her next morning she was lying in a gross retaining pond. No jerky from her!

We went to Camp Osto for the bow opener. It was actually a lot of fun. I didn't hunt, but was able to clean up camp for the winter. We were able to seal the trailer roof and take down the pump and I fixed a screen, cut down a tree, put up a bird house, and drank a lot of bloody marys! Matt saw two does and her babies, but didn't have a decent shot.

Now he is concentrating on a spot in Byron Center...please God....I am not very patient with this hunting thing.


On another note, I found a really cool photo site that has some great pictures taken in Michigan. If you are a nature/wildlife lover, you will appreciate. Check it out - top link on the right under my favorites!