Wednesday, November 04, 2009

This week's News

We had a fun Halloween. This year Nannie and Papa joined us for the festivities. It was a cold, windy night so we only had 16 trick or treaters! Chooch was the cutest Harry Potter, Cal was a vampire and T was a hippy.

Last night we had conferences for the two little kids - great reports for great kids! Cal-Trish is leading the class in every effort, scoring super high in reading and math. Her favorite subject - science! Love that! She is also managing her talkative nature, even with having her very best friend in the whole world in her class. No issues there whatsoever!
Chooch is coming out of his shell at school and is making lots of friends. He knows all of his shapes and colors and is progressing on his letters and numbers. His favorite subject - recess! Of course!

This weekend starts a marathon of days off for my hubby as the annual hunting extravaganza ensues. Please say a prayer for my marriage as he will not return to work until December 3!

And say a little prayer for him too that he gets some "horns"!