Monday, October 16, 2006

Hunting Update

Its October 16. Officially mid-bow season.
Matt shot a doe. When he recovered her next morning she was lying in a gross retaining pond. No jerky from her!

We went to Camp Osto for the bow opener. It was actually a lot of fun. I didn't hunt, but was able to clean up camp for the winter. We were able to seal the trailer roof and take down the pump and I fixed a screen, cut down a tree, put up a bird house, and drank a lot of bloody marys! Matt saw two does and her babies, but didn't have a decent shot.

Now he is concentrating on a spot in Byron Center...please God....I am not very patient with this hunting thing.


On another note, I found a really cool photo site that has some great pictures taken in Michigan. If you are a nature/wildlife lover, you will appreciate. Check it out - top link on the right under my favorites!

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No deer yet at TEAM T either....A small morsel of advice, if it stinks from 100 yards away, I don't look any further and just figure thats a good deer meat dinner for the coyotes...