Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Don't you wish we still had milkmen? (Only now they would be milk people or milkers or milk technicians or milk delivery specialists). I mean, here it is 2007 and I cannot conceive of why we ever got rid of such a wonderful thing as fresh milk arriving on our doorsteps at dawn.

Who wants to pack up three kids in a snow storm to run to get a gallon of milk anyways?

Bring back the milkman, um, milkpeople!



As a fellow blogger it pains me to glance across blogs (*including mine!) and see so many selfish people who come and fill up daily on our ramblings and they don't friggin comment!

I often wonder myself why so many people bitch about the price of gas "nearing" 3 dollars a gallon and yet milk is that very price!

Perhaps we should open a "milkman" service! Might be a lot of money in it!


p.s.-I appreciate your creative thinking and am disgusted by the lack of comments on blogs in general.

Anonymous said...

well after reading jitters, I feel compelled to comment....

I so enjoy checking your blog and really love the pics of my beautiful grandchildren

AmyO said...

Thanks for the comments! Jitters - I know what you mean. Your blog is one of my favorites!