Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bobby Kozminski

This city lost a hero on Sunday morning. Thank you to the men and women of GRPD who make a stand everyday. Bobby, God bless you and your family. You will never be forgotten.

Blood Upon The Shield
Confrontation in an alley. The Centurion does not yield.
But this time the good guy loses; there is blood upon the shield.
And the mournful sounds of bagpipes play out across the land,
drowned out by the sobs of a lonely young wife
and a child too young to understand.
While the killer pleads his case in court, the thin blue line is one man short.
And we're one step closer to society's fall; another cop's name is engraved on the wall.
Another state funeral, with an army in blue,
and we know it could've been me and it could've been you.
We all look ahead to what the future has in store,
front line troopers in a country that's at war.
At war with itself and at war with its cops and we're
out there every day 'cause the battle never stops.
It's not the way it is on TV shows or like we learned in school;
no cool music in the background, no playing by the "rules";
We're disillusioned warriors, but for right we'll always strive.
We just pray that at the end of our stress-filled day we'll get back home alive.
You stand out on the corner ignoring the insults and the stares,
close to the point of believing that no one really cares,
when a six year-old boy walks over after watching
you for awhile, reaching out to shake your hand,
on his face a friendly smile.
To him you are a hero, a protector of our land, and he wants
to learn about you, as a cop and as a man.
And when he asks you why your badge is covered by a black elastic band,
tell him about our Brother - A cop who made a stand.
~Author unknown


Osto said...

For those of you who read this blog, please go to or and watch the video of the funeral service or the footage of the processional route...the graveside service was also unbelievable...

I hope i never have to do this again, but what i witnessed today was awesome. its 0100 and my eyes are still burning from all the tears i shared (and snot...sorry george!)with my family and teamates.

Many people stepped up to the plate during this rough was very hard for all of us, but my bro was huge for the dept. and the Kozminski didnt go unnoticed ...Thanks.


AmyO said...

GRPD made this whole city proud. What an impressive sight and what a tribute to Koz.


I shall never forget the shock, disgust, pain, and pride.