Monday, August 27, 2007


Our vacation at the family cottage was great. It was so hard to get back in the groove today. It made me wish I had two weeks off to delay the work thing as long as possible!

It was "Pirate Week" up at the family cottage. We decked out the pontoon with a mast, sails, the jolly roger, a fake rat, a telescope, and six rowdy pirates - complete with swords! The kids painted and decorated swords Papa Bob and Nannie Pat made for them and then we set sail! We "arrgggh'd" our way around the lake and swam and played on the island. Later we found someone had dropped off a cool surprise for the kids. It was a Pirates of the Carribean lamp that moved and played music. They thought it was so cool (and so did the adults). On our second trip around the lake, two days later, a nice lady in a passing boat gave us a homemade peach pie! Being a pirate is pretty awesome, even in 2007!

Some of the other pictures include the guys fixing the road next to the cottage, swinging on the giant tire swing, playing in the "fort", hanging a bird feeder, tubing, roasting marshmallows and enjoying the campfire, taking the annual trek around the lake and more great northern fun.

I have so many great memories from the cottage with my brother and cousins. It is great that my kids are making memories there too! We can't wait for our next trip there.

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