Monday, December 31, 2007

2007: The Year in Review

This New Year's Eve finds me flying solo...hubby is working, kids are at Nana's and Papa's and I'm trying to de-Christmastize my house. It is quiet and sorta sad to be alone on New Year's Eve. As I look back at 2007 (after all isn't that what you are supposed to do on the last day of the year), I think it was a year of personal milestones. A lot of fun and good things happened and were celebrated and a couple of things touched my heart in ways I didn't know possible.

A United States President was buried in our city. We did it right.
I turned 35. (is this possible?)
We celebrated 10 years of marriage in Mexico in Feb.
Geno and Amy got married in a snowstorm.
We had great softball and baseball seasons.
T-bird's art was represented in a school art show and a local pizza parlor (for a year).
We went to Traverse City for Easter with Nan and Pop.
Our baby turned big boy in May. Where does the time go?
Cal rocked the dance recital!
Lots of running and running and running......
We rocked out at Poison!
We had family time at the cottages on Clear Lake and at the Upper 10.
Fun with George and Jen on the 4th!
Bobby Kozminski was killed in the line of duty. Unforgettable. Period.
Hunter family reunion in G.Haven.
Class reunion at the Red Dog!
Tube Fest #1 (hopefully there will be a #2)
We partied at Camp Osto all summer!
Lots of poker games for Osto.
Scored trophies at the Kevin Marshall Memorial Run (again, is this possible?)
Joanne and JD got hitched in style at the Detriot Yacht Club.
Pulaski days (I am now too old for this loud a*s drunk fest).
Chooch started preschool!
Our favorite neighbors moved away (we miss you).
Mustache contest!
Cal soloed in the Christmas program
Ugly Sweater contest!
Merry Christmas (even though the kids were all sick)

Final thoughts...
I think I like contests. I wish I would win one that had a lot of money as a prize. HA!

I'm still wearing a black rubber bracelet on my wrist. All the blue is gone, save for a tiny bit. I did not know Koz. I never met him. I never really recall hearing his name. Somehow still he changed my life. There are moments about this that are etched into me...moments I will never forget...the call out, the waves and waves and waves of officers who came to pay respects, my brother-in-law, the honor guard, the processional lined with people - so silent - in tribute, and finally the cemetary. Proud, sad, strong. I'm still wearing this bracelet for Osto. For Mark. For all my friends in the GRPD. You are the thin blue line. I wear it as a reminder for what you do, and for what I can do. I am the other side of that, the safe haven, the chaos, the kids, the place to forget the bad and live the good.

Ten years is a long time to be married. I think we finally figured it out. It gets better and better. You finally give up on changing the other person and just accept that they will never put the sugar bowl away or clean up the pan they cook their taquitos on. You learn to just get over your damn self and learn that that is the way it is and if you want the laundry picked up then you pick it up yourself. The good is way good and the bad is forgettable. (Life is fun with you Osto! I can't wait for the next 10...)

Kids grow up. They start to learn about people and ask interesting and engaging questions. They learn that sometimes life isn't fair. That people can be mean and cruel. I'm learning that I can't protect them forever. They are cool little people. I want to know them. They are funny, smart, amazing and beautiful. I want Chooch to stay 3 forever. He promises me that he will still kiss me and be my "baby" when he is big enough to give me piggy back rides. But time has a way of ticking...

I will remember 2007 and look forward to 2008.
Thanks for reading my blog and I hope you stick around to enjoy and participate in the frivolity and the fun!

Happy New Year!


Osto said...


I cant wait for the next 40....and after that.... we will both be so old the kids will have put us in a home and nothing will really matter...just so long as we are together!



Congrats Team Osto! As we all watch those around us give in and move out, you have made it! Stay strong!

As a fellow blogger, I can see you put a ton of time into this post with the slideshow "year in review" and the commentary.....Nice work


CresceNet said...

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Jenny said...

You guys are cute. Happy 2008. Lots to look forward to.

Anonymous said...

When did we ever get so lucky to have you??? Mom