Sunday, January 06, 2008

Pet Peeves

Let's talk about Pet Peeves. First of all, I think the name "pet peeve" is fast becoming a pet peeve of mine. I mean, who says "pet" about anything but their dog or cat? Isn't that oxymoronish? I digress...

1) Cell Phone Names
Blackberry, Razr*, Shadow, Chocolate, Sidekick, Wing, Upstage, Muziq*, Dash, Blast, and so on and so on and so on? Do you notice that not one of these ridiculous names makes any sense for a cell phone? Do they describe excellence in communication? No. They make me feel hungry or the need to quickly escape impending doom.

2) These same marketing people must work in the travel trailer industry. These campers have names like Prowler, Cougar, Pioneer, Wolfpack, Graywolf, Cherokee or Arctic Fox. This makes camping at the ol' state park sound down right dangerous! Better bring the Graywolf! I could go on and on with this one.

3) *Changing the correct lettering of a word to be cute, typically for a business or a product.
Like "Krissy's Kutting Korner" or "Knot Knew Used Books." This sends me over the edge.

4) Finally, I thought I'd include Osto's pet peeve too. He can't stand it when people don't use their eating utensils correctly. (click here for directions on how to eat correctly in Osto's presence). This is especially funny coming from Osto, who would never ever be confused with Mr. Manners. I guess his parents taught him well on table manners, but he would receive a failing grade for Setting the Table and Flatulence and Other Bodily Gasses.


Anonymous said...

I will take credit for the table manners, I guess that leaves his father on the other matters!:)


My pet peeves: 1:slow ass drivers 2:lazy people at work that moan and bitch about making 65k or more to do their job 3:rap music 4:democrats.