Monday, November 10, 2008

200th Post: More Politics

I can't believe I am on my 200th post.

Did you check out my stats for my election post? So many hits, for one word. That was my easiest post ever, but obviously the most interesting. Whatever.

What will be interesting is our political lives in the coming months and years. The Republicans will be searching for, or masterminding the creation of, a super-republican who will rise from the ashes in the next four years, chanting the mantra of Reagan Conservatism! Bring back the religion, capitalism, patriotism, individualism, and optimism!!

The dems have finally found their messiah, but the conservatives will be waiting for him to slip up, to fail in providing the "hope" for which he was elected. The rest of the country will have no one to blame if he does fail, well except for the 57,753,783 people who didn't vote for him. We will be saying "I told you so," 'til the cows come home. Maybe it is sort of a relief in a way for the will no longer be "our fault". How will the new savior ever live up to his expectations? How long before he will be blamed by his own party? Somehow this will come back to be the fault of the damn Republicans or rich white people. You wait.

I mean, when Obama fails to do this...what will happen?

Or fulfill all this (see Jake Tapper's story here)?
Will there be an uprising in the streets?

Let the countdown begin...

P.S. Obama is seriously considering Jennifer Granholm as a member of his administration? Does he know she is the governor of Michigan, known for its very own "state recession", the highest unemployment in the land, the failing auto industry, and the most homes lost to foreclosure? That is a great idea! Then maybe we can get a new governor to clean up her mess.

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