Wednesday, April 08, 2009

April Blahs...

My kiddo's are gone this week, so it is SO quiet around the house. I have so much time in the morning because I am not packing lunches and ensuring people have brushed their teeth and appropriately dressed for the weather and have finished their homework. (Not that I am missing all that).

In fact, I really don't miss them. Does that make me a bad mom? It has been fun spending time with Osto and doing things like going to Red Lobster. (Our baby girl has a seafood allergy, so that's normally a no-no). I just know that they are safe and having fun, so there is no need to miss them, really. It is good for all of us.

Osto is going to teach me how to shoot a pistol. I think this is something I need to know how to do so I can beat the cowboys on the quick draw down at the local saloon, if need be. =) Actually, I think I will be a pretty good shot. I have that sort of gene in my blood.

Our friend, Dirty Red, celebrated the big 5-0 last weekend. We went to a non-surprise surprise party at his house. I had a lot of fun with the T's...who always make me laugh hard enough to liz. Mr. T & Osto introduced Mrs. T and me as "our bitches." When we agreed we were "just bitches" this guy somehow translated into us being "dispatchers" which reduced me to tears. Several times. funny stuff.

Softball and baseball start this month which means I will be living at the ball diamonds so maybe you can visit me there if you miss me.

Happy Easter!


Anonymous said...

Amy, who are the T's and "laugh so hard that you almost liz,,,what is liz?
PS Glad you are back on the blog,,,I miss it....

AmyO said...

"Lizzing" is a cross between a laugh and a whiz!

Check out youtube clips of 30 rock.

Anonymous said...

O M G, I liz all the time, you come by it naturally, just like your natural instincts to aim and shoot, you inherited all the stuff!!!! Nannie