Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summertime is here!

Finally, a nice hot week! (Ok, today is almost too hot, for crying out loud)! Anyways, here's the latest scoop:

1) little league wrapped up last week
2) Tyler turned 11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3) Overnighter at Camp Osto with the kids on Saturday
4) Father's day celebration with the Osto clan
5) Back to work, but some swimming at Brother Mark and Minnie's house
6) Watched Ry play some kick arse softball tonight - go girl!

Up next:
*fight big-business corporate America bastards from moving into my neck of the woods (more on that later)
*Help the Taylors move
*enjoy the "Turk" with Kath and Bob
*get geared up for the fourth at Bone's and Helen's place
*somewhere/somehow start thinking about painting my picket fence white again
*finish the lattice on the new shed
*dream of Clear Lake!

All the flowers are looking purty and the grass is green and lush. No sign of the japanese beetles yet, but they'll show up, looking all cute and shiny to disguise the little chomping demons they really are. Kiddies are sporting some nice tans and enjoying freedom from school. Cal and Chooch found out who their teachers will be and know that their bestest friend each will be in class with them too. =) All is well in the world!

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