Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Baby Girl's Poetry

Some of you enjoyed Cal's poetry so much that I decided to "publish" some of her other works. She is quite prolific for a 9 year old, as you will read. Of course, the apple doesn't fall far! =)

Laughing, Loving, Kissing, Hugging
Daughter of Amazing Parents
Lover of Family, Friends and Chocolate
Who Feels Happy, Hyper, and Stress
Who needds Love, X's and O's
Who Gives Cheer, Joy and Gifts
Who fears loss of Family and Friends
Who wants to go to the Bahams and Poland
Resident of MI
My Bedroom is where I feel safe
I feel safe to do anything I want
Like Singing,
Reading Great books,
And listening to all the sounds that fly,
Fly past my door or run through my vent
I wish Maggie was still here
She was an Amazing Dog
I only knew her for four years
Because she had cancer,
Cancer in her chest so
She had to leave and we never even
got to say Goodbye
Although I was only four
I cried and so did my
Family, It was very sad but,
Everyone and Everything has
A time to leave
We LOVE and MISS you
We always will
Friends are Dependable
Friends are nice
Friends are amazing
Friends sometimes fight
Friends go through the ups and downs of life
Friends to everything TOGETHER
Having fun doing whatever
There once was a tree
that stood there
there was another tree next to it
they were like brothers
and in the spring came a
lightening storm
that knocked its borther down,
with a flash of light
there was a CRASH!!!!!
And down on the ground
half a tree, so sad
and that tree stands
all alone
through all seasons
but doesn't she its leaves in fall
winter, leaves are on the ground
looking like flowers across the white
white snow

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Anonymous said...

Amazing,,,,,absolutely amazing