Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Well the beauties arrived. They are as pretty and shiny as expected. Three of the four buggers wouldn't fit. That's right. Insert swear words {here}. Now, if you know me, you know I am slightly handy. This is only due to genetics and really no talent of my own. If you know Osto, he is compromised in this area, chosing to hire out the work to provide jobs, and thus a living, to those who know how to do things such as installation work. This is economy stimulation you know!

WELL....after 20 cuss words, 20 pleas to the installation guys, 20 phone calls to various "handy" people (darn you), and 20 pep talks to each other, 2 of the 4 beauties are now installed and working. The stove needs a pipe moved (WAY over our heads) and Papa Bob may be able to handle that this weekend. WE (yeah, you read right), WE installed the microwave. And the dishwasher is a project for later. That involves tile removal. UGH!

We are close. I can use all but the dishwasher. I love them so far. Osto is awesome!
Re-Published on 2-1-11 with pics and our new wall in the LR. It is called "Tropical Nut".

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good team work!!!!!!