Saturday, September 23, 2006

Tractor Shows

Have you ever been to a tractor show? Its kinda like going to a toy train show, without the pedofiles...

Matt's first excursion was this summer with my dad and the kids to an antique tractor show in West Branch. Mind you, my dad grew up on a farm and sold farm equipment at the family hardware store probably before he could drive, so this is fun stuff for him, but for city slicker Matt...its a different story... here is Matt's photo journal from the tractor show...note the general lack of tractors.

Not sure about this one, but doesn't look much like a tractor.

Granny got all gussied up for the big tractor parade.

Who knew Santa was a tractor enthusiast? Or a hippy for that matter?

Corn dog + elephant ear = amigo sooner or later.

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I was a frequent fan of the Clarksville (near Ionia) steam engine/tractor festival!!!!!

There were more guys in bib overalls than there were teeth!