Saturday, January 27, 2007


The end of January brings birthdays to two important Osto people in my family.
January 26 is Matt's and January 27 is Hunter's.


We will celebrate "the boys" birthdays tomorrow with a bowling party, pizza and Matt's favorite birthday cake -yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Baked especially by yours truly.

We celebrated Matt's birthday last night with a trip to Red Robin, where the kids can be loud and obnoxious and no one cares (except me and Matt). And the California chicken burger is to die for...;)

His birthday present was spending $288 on new tires for my car. Isn't life grand when you turn 34? You don't even get birthday presents any more because your life is consumed by well, life. What do we possibly need anyways, oh wait, except more hunting things? Hunting is an endless supply of needful things, isn't it? The kids did make some charming homemade cards for Matt, which are always the best anyways.

Happy Birthday Matt. I love you! You are my superman. I hope you have a wonderful year.



Happy BDAY to your boys. I agree with the way life flips around on ya as we get older. I was driving to buy fence for my yard last year and the transmission went out on our van. Funny how the money we had saved was exactly the same amount we needed to fix the transmission!


AmyO said...

We also had to buy a new battery for the is grand! (At least we are not buying a new truck!)