Saturday, January 06, 2007

January - so far, not so great!

Isn't this a beautiful photo? It's called "First Light of Dawn." (see more photos - click on Curlyson link at the right).

I'm about to paint a big X over my front door to signify that the plague has hit! We've been struck (stricken?) with the norovirus this past week, and its been lots and lots of laundry for Amy. All 4 of my babies have been sick, but I'm bound and determined that I will not get this stuff!

President Ford's funeral and all the surrounding hoopla ("Operation Bury Jerry") was actually really cool. I wish the kids hadn't been sick or I might have taken them downtown to see the processional and flyover. Way to go Grand Rapids, some how all the idiots were kept underwraps for 2 days and you pulled off a first class tribute.

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That is an awesome picture! Where was it taken?