Monday, March 19, 2007

Saturday night in my bedroom

I've been thinking for a whole day about how I can possibly sum up the events that took place in my bedroom on Saturday night...

Take 8 people + beer + my king size bed + Guitar Hero and what do you get!?!

Amy "Warpig" the leader of "Integrity"
Russ "Lead singer of 3KD" and "Everyone wants to be a Rock Star"
J-bear "You've come along way" Baby
Matt "Song Failed" Osto
George "I don't like toys"
Gil (aka Bill) "I got a lot of free shit tonight"
Kelly "spank my booty"
and Amy "Gene Simmon's tongue" Osto!

Sounds kinda like a bunch of swingers, but we were really just "swinging" to Amy T's guitar licks on Warpigs! Not to mention Strutter, Shout at the Devil, Rock this Town and a bunch of others. Ten minutes of Guitar Hero and you are on your way to Target to spend $350! Too much fun.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, good thing Dad & I are coming home soon.....:)

J. Bear said...

GOOD TIMES...AS ALWAYS! Thanks for having all of us your bedroom.

I have money on Georgie buying Guitar Hero, which means I can secretly practice while he's at work:) Yeah!

After reviewing the pics that you posted, I've decided that you and Amy T. are rock stars!