Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What's New?

The Camp Osto update....

The basement did not flood this spring, even though there was a slow trickle in the basement bathroom. This means $$$ at some point in time, just not sure where to begin! ugh.

Chooch decided to rub red jello all over himself and the kitchen counter tonight. He may be stained red for a few days!

Cal has lost her library book. At least two boys love her at school. =) Her new favorite song is the one that is playing. "Year 3000"

TJ finished 9th (out of the pack) in the Pinewood derby last weekend.

Matt bought me an ipod, so I must now accessorize!

After two liters of fluid and a couple rounds of meds, two visits to the ER, and being 14 pounds lighter, Matt has recovered from Montezuma's revenge! Not sure I will ever get him back to Mexico after last week. Just glad we were healthy when we were vacationing.


Anonymous said...

So, Matt Jr and the jello,,,can't say I am surprised. But he just is who he is.....

Cal lost her library book, mmm, at home or at school?
Does she have enought $ to pay for it, otherwise, Nana will take care of it.

I am really missing all of you guys. We will be home in less than 4 weeks....

AmyO said...

She found her book. She forgot which one it was and it was right there the whole time! Typical Cal.