Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend! Matt and I headed to the 4th Annual Marshall Run on Saturday Morning, where we were surprised to finish in reach of the trophies...a miraculous feat by any measure! (We now feel much more comfortable in the company of the Taylors)! Matt took 3rd in his age group and I took 2nd in mine. That "one noticeable hill" seemed somehow bigger this year.

The weekend also brought us back to Camp Osto for the Last Hooray of Summer! We were joined by our families - 18 people total - for Camp Osto style fun. Of course we hit the river for tube trips both short and long, and the kids fled to the woods for some serious fort building and war games. There were amazing starry nights around the campfire accompanied by Curtis on the guitar and Matt's perfectly roasted marshmallows for s'mores. Fireworks, flea markets, card playing, and more. All the kids looked great in their new "Camp Osto" official t-shirts too.

Thanks to everyone who came and camped and "roughed" it for three days! We love you all.

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Anonymous said...

..typical.. The Osto's do something fun and dont invite their friends.. The Bear & I wouldve ran that race but no one asked...