Thursday, September 20, 2007

Business Trip

I think every woman, especially with smallish children, gets to a point in her life when the thought of being sent away on a business trip for a week sounds like pure heaven. A quiet hotel room, a nice big comfy bed all to one's self...not to mention dinner out every night - that you had no hand in preparing, nor shopping for...and all in the guise of "work" - which means they are paying you to do this! Am I the lucky one transported off to mid-town America for a benign compensation conference?

Alas, no. I am the one at home juggling work and three kids, begging my mom to come stay, shuttling off to Papa & Nana's babysitting service (thanks by the way to all of you!), dance, scouts, religion classes, etc. while my better half gets to lounge in the lap of perceived conference luxury. Am I jealous? see, he has to share a room with his boss!

(But I do miss him!) (And its really not that bad, it just makes for a better story!)

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