Thursday, April 24, 2008


My Gramma Tootie was a real collector (bless her soul). Last summer my mom gave me an old brown paper sack (and one to my brother too) that apparently gramma had saved for us. She did this a lot with things, but she must have forgotten to give them to us when we were younger, as we have received several of these "gifts" since she passed away when I was in college.

Anyways, in the brown paper bag were a number of clippings from the day I was born. How sweet is it that my Gramma Tootie would clip little things for each of her grand kids and put them aside to show us when we grew up.

So here is my horoscope from the day I was born...dated in Gram's totally fits.
That's all I'm sharing from my brown bag tonight...



That is cool! Sounds like it describes you to a "t".


Anonymous said...

Gramma Rau was very smart, she always had something in mind with all these little things she put away, its always nice to be remembered and thought of in a special way, and yes it does describe you to a T, Mom