Tuesday, April 22, 2008


My posting has been lacking. Let me recount my weekend.

Even though the concert has been postponed til August, we made up for it by going out to dinner with our friends and then came back here for cocktails, conversation and (of course) Guitar Hero. I must say that my female friends rock. They are such a beautiful, smart, talented, inspirational and funny bunch of people. I am always impressed with their views of things and I swear I gain some new appreciation for something or another after being around them. They are tough, strong and have fabulous looking men to boot!

So here's to you Jen, Amy and Karyn!

(I'd post a picture or two, but they didn't turn out so great).

Saturday and Sunday's gorgeous weather brought the typical spring cleaning - you know the dreaded windows and screens, car cleaning, yard work, etc.

Finally, who can resist puppy pics....Marley is 15 pounds now! Here she is with her favorite bear.

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Jenny said...

Right back at ya Amy O!