Friday, June 20, 2008

My baby is 10 - I am old.

My oldest kid turned 10 yesterday. I can't comprehend that I am old enough to be married for 11 years, have three kids, one being TEN!!! I don't feel like I am thirty-six. I must only be about twenty four?

But then considering my babysitter is twenty-two and doesn't know who the characters are on Happy Days, I must be ancient. I have gray hair. I have wrinkles. I have age spots on my hands.

Maybe I am wiser? Not sure about that as I sure still seem to do a lot of stupid things. I do think I have bigger (proverbial) balls as I age.

Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining...I am just making observations. It is all good as I am perfectly happy and content in my life. I guess that is what matters. I have a lot of blessings and good things seem to happen in my life. I have angels and Jesus for SURE. I have a great family who supports me, encourages me, laughs with me and at me, cool kids and good friends. I have a secure job I generally like showing up for and people there I like. I am lucky to have married my best friend, a man who still thinks I'm a babe and who knows who Marian Cunningham is!

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Anonymous said...

atta girl Amy, being married to your best friend and being happy,,,what else is there.......