Sunday, June 29, 2008

More June News

Lots has happened this month besides me being a major slacker on my blog. Thanks to all of you who verbally flog me and try to keep me in line.

Osto has taken a new job. Its at the same company but a different department. The best thing is that it is day shift and no weekends! This is great because we are like a real family now. We have dinners together. He gets to schlep kids around. I am like a real grown woman and can do things with my real grown woman friends, like attend jewelry parties and gold parties where I got to sell back gold for money. (thank you to several old boyfriends for the extra cash in my pocket).

The no weekend thing is great too. The drawback is that after 11 years of night shift is the change of having someone around messing with the way I've always done things. TV - forget it. All my shows are DVR'd and are stacking up to the point where I will have to soon take a day off work to catch up on So you Think You Can Dance and Men in Trees. Osto's a happy guy these days though so it is all good.

The Osto extended family went to Cedar Point last weekend. This was non-stop fun and action. We're talking 14 hour days riding rides, hitting the water park, eating cotton candy, and riding the best roller coasters in the country. Top Thrill Dragster was my favorite - 120 miles per hour in four seconds, 90 degree turn where you fly up 42 stories, throw in a couple of twists and you're done - pure adrenalin.

Chooch shows perfect form on the Jr. Gemini

Bird contemplates barfing on the Magnum.
I contemplate how sick I will be if he pukes on me.

Osto and Cal race down the body slide.

The other Osto's and Snoopy. Some of the group at the water park

Chooch's cute crack!

The front car is the best! Little jail birds.

We also had one of those Ol' Time photos taken. Cal and I were dressed like prostitutes and the guys were cowboys. Don't you love the expressions on the little ones? Tough as nails!

The dog is getting huge. She is bigger than Chooch. She sleeps with us and she is going to be a horse. This is sad, I know. But I love her! My yard is in full bloom (I'll have to post some shots of that later) but the japanese bettles have descended on the roses and crab apple tree. Work is busy, kids are crazy and we are looking forward to our annual trips to Grand Haven and the family cottage in July. PLUS more Camp Osto retreats!


Jenny said...

That old time photo is THE BEST. You should make that your 2008 Christmas card. LOL. Love it.

Anonymous said...

I have to vote for the butt crack or the Gemini Jr.....
Great fun....(except for the body slide).