Monday, July 13, 2009

Mission: Walleye

We headed over to see Nannie and Papa this weekend. Saturday morning found me as the unexpected coxswain of the Sea-Bob, navigating the oft' chopppy waters of the Saginaw Bay. Our Captain, Sea-Bob himself (kidnapped by pirates as a child, he learned the pirate ways, later he stole the golden teeth of another evil pirate), was assisted by his "first mates" and fishing crew of Cal, T-Bird and Chooch.
Our fish mission: the elusive Walleye.

After several passes of the secret "sweet" spot known only by Cap'n Sea-Bob (and now me) we landed a few beauties. We caught our delicious supper and had a lot of fun too! And the littlest mate fell asleep in the cabin on the way home.

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Anonymous said...

Aye, What a mottley crew,grrrrr, Nannie