Monday, October 26, 2009

Blah Monday

What a nice, relaxing weekend. I was lucky to have Friday and today off, so it feels even better. I haven't been feeling the greatest, just a cold comin' on, but I really just want to lay around and rest.

On Friday we met my college friend, Joanne, her husband JD (from AZ), and their friends, Julie and Rod, downtown for dinner. We also saw our friend's band, Borrowed Time. Delicious food and sangria at SanChez!
I've blazed through the Twilight series, very addicting. Sad I finished. Now I need something new to devour!
On Sunday, I made my "famous" meatloaf for Matt. It was very yummy and good comfort food on a cool fall day. The kids and Matt raked leaves. We carved pumpkins last night and cooked up the pumpkin seeds.

In order (above) are Mr. Pumpkin Head, Chooch's, Cal's, and T-Bird's pumpkins.
No plans for this blah Monday today except feeling better and taking a nap!

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