Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gum in the Dryer

if you happen to be the gleeful owner of a brand new lovely front load washer and dryer............

AND discover that SOMEHOW there is GUM stuck all over the drum of your brand *spanking* new dryer...../gasp/


a) Interrogate members of your family with the evidence (an Extra wrapper)?
b) Scar your children with the amount of f-bombs and GD's you can drop?
c) Call your husband and proceed again with a) and b)?
d) All of the above?

True story...the answer is "D".

How do you remove gum that is all over the inside of your dryer, like a sad interpretation of a county fair cotton candy machine?

Take a dryer sheet, wet it, and vigorously scrub. Add some straight up liquid fabric softer and scrub and scrub. Miraculously this does the trick!!! I used a little Mr. Metal for the last bit of clean up and sanity is resored.

(sorry God, about those GD's)


Anonymous said...

So whose gum was it anyway????

AmyO said...

No one would admit it...I know it was just an accident.

Jenny said...

OH MY WORD! I would have cried.

Anonymous said...

Its just an appliance after all isn't it? nannie