Monday, March 15, 2010

Feb into March

WOW! What a blur of activity over the last few weekends! First of all, I turned 38! How can I be 38? I still feel like I am 13.

The weekend of my birthday, Osto and I went to see Tim McGraw. He found our friends who hooked us up with front row passes and it rocked! I love Tim...

Then, the kiddos went to visit Nan & Pop for a long weekend (the next weekend). Osto and I went to see Rain - A Tribute to the Beatles, a special gift from my employer in honor of my 10 years of dedicated service(!). That was a lot of fun too! That was Friday night. On Saturday we had a seafood extravaganza, since Baby Girl has a seafood allergy and she was outta town, we cooked up a mess of shrimp, lobster, scallops, and risotto and yum yum yum!!!

THEN, this past weekend, Nana came home from FL for a kid fix. She took the kids all weekend. Osto and I went to dinner on Friday. On Saturday, I went up to TC with my mom, and my great friend Gretch. We spent the day shopping, eating, gambling and drinking. I had a great time, even though I didn't win any money.

Weather is turning nice...not so much rain as sun in the past few weeks. Grass is turning green and the damn time changed! Won't be long before my thoughts turn to plants and flowers!

I've had a great few I'm ready for a little down time this next weekend.

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