Monday, March 29, 2010

Room Re-do

Every nine year old girl wants a room that is her heart's desire. My baby girl's heart's desire is a more grown up, but fun room, that is blues and greens. We found a comforter we loved(!) and matched some colors to it ~ spring green, cool jazz and gem turquiose ~ to be exact. More like lime green, aqua and turquoise, but very cute indeed! I found a little old desk at a resale shop that was already "shabby chic" and cute as can be, but when baby girl saw it she didn't like! She didn't want anything "old" in her "new" room!!! I told her we could paint it turquiose and that seemed to be OK.

I have painted and need to do one more wall and then we are set. The dresser will be another day. I am hoping to find a girly chandelier and some fancy lamps. We are going to put up a shelve and make a chalkboard, put up the photo board her fairy godmother made her, and some other accessories.

I think its going to be great and she is already in love! At least it is only with a room....for now....

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