Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006: The Year in Review

Highlights of the year 2006
  • Matt turned 33!
  • Calli slid down the hill in February, straight into a sign! First concussion!
  • Our basement flooded during a bizarre thunder/wind/hail/snow storm. $6000 later - basement is dry and recarpeted (please God, don't repeat this)
  • Annual Rau Cottage get-a-way for Papa Bob's Birthday and my 34th. Snowmobiling, sledding and all around winter fun!
  • Calli lost her first tooth
  • Brady turned 2!
  • Tyler played baseball and Calli started her first year of t-ball
  • Cheer camp and tennis camp
  • Tyler turned 8!
  • Dance Recital #2
  • Camp Osto! Floated down the river, camped, new pump, 4th of July festivities!
  • Annual Grand Haven vacation at the Upper 10! Sun, swimming, mini-golf, and memories.
  • Rau Cottage Summer vacation - fished, swam on the island, tubed behind the pontoon, caught turtles
  • Calli and Tyler took golf lessons at Elks
  • Papa Dan had 2nd heart surgery at UofM
  • Matt was "Tobacco Free" for one year! Hooray! Celebrated with trip to Cabelas.
  • Lots of trips to Nannie's and Papa's house
  • New School - Tyler started third grader, Calli started first
  • Tyler moves to Bear in CubScouts, Calli started her 3rd year of dance
  • Calli turned 6!
  • Matt ran the 3rd Annual Marshall Run in memory of Trooper Kevin Marshall
  • Papa Bob almost had a heart attack - new stents saved his pipes
  • Halloween - Pirate, Witch and Indian
  • Tyler started basketball
  • Hunting, hunting, hunting - nice buck with the bow
  • Griffin's Game
  • Nana and Papa head to FL and came back for Christmas
  • A wonderful Christmas!

What did I forget!?! What a wonderful year.


Anonymous said...

My Dear, I think you forgot another highlight,,,,,mmmm, didn't you turn 34??????


Jenny said...

Nancy, for furture reference, its a celebration of the low 30s. We don't give actual numbers. :)

Cute list Amy. Happy New Year!

AmyO said...

That means I'm almost 35! ick.


Very nice and very funny list.....It's odd sometimes when you look back and think of all the wonderful things that happen and all the bullcrap.....Keep on trucking!