Sunday, February 04, 2007


Blizzard 2007, Winter blast, what other cheesy name can "Storm Team 8" come up with? Its a big snow storm, okay? Its fun driving, especially for the 60 people in the pile ups on 131.

Here are some pictures of the snow from Saturday morning at about 8:30 am. Just about 7 inches on the deck...

Matt and I had to venture out for the wedding of our friends, Geno and Amy, at Frederick Meijer Gardens. Here's a shot of the newlyweds.

Today (Sunday) has brought even more snow...we are under a winter storm watch until 7 tonight.
This is the same shot from Saturday, you can see the amount of snow! We have about 15 inches now. It is beautiful but very, very cold. We are hunkering down today with no plans but watching the superbowl later. Stay warm!

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Nice work on recording the blizzard....Isn't it amazing how those ol' snowblowers just won't die?

Great to see the ol' government vehicle where it belongs.....out in the cold!