Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Hola! We are (sadly) back in the land of the snow, home from our journey to Mexico! It was hot in every sense of the word...heh say the least we had a blast. I know you are anxiously awaiting our pictures, but they are taking a small child's lifetime to upload. I am working on it, I promise. Hopefully I'll have them up on Thursday.

Aventura Spa Palace was everything we wanted and needed! Great room, cold tropical drinks, yummy food, wonderful pools and surrounding grounds, and the beautiful ocean. We weren't disappointed by anything.

Spirit Air, however, can kiss my arse, they almost ruined my trip on several occasions. They finally got it right in the end and I guess that's all you can ask for in this "total and complete utter lack of customer service, our pilot didn't show up, you'll miss your connecting flight, and by-the-way we cancelled your return flight, but we managed to charge your credit card without a problem" day and age! I digress...
We arrived to a little chilly weather in Mexico, but it quickly warmed up to high 80's. Of course we fried ourselves on day 2! What's a pasty white girl to do? I even had SPF 45 on! Didn't matter...still fried.
We met a lot of interesting people, many from Michigan. We had dinner with Jeff "Shaggy" and Shelly from St. Joseph and Vince and Angela from New Jersey. Later we headed to the Thai bar with the white linen draped beds that you are supposed to somehow lay on and drink a shot of tequilla?
We also snorkled in the lagoon one afternoon. There are no beaches in this part of Mexico, just a coral rocky shelf. The resort created their own sandy lagoons behind the rocks, so you still had the beach effect. Pretty cool to just swim around and see the pretty fish.

We ventured to Playa del Carmen on Sunday for some site seeing and shopping. Uncle Joe warned us about this place as the street vendors call you based on what you wear. I was "Hey blue/brown lady"!

We were pretty low key this vacation and most nights we couldn't stay up past 10:30. I attributed this to the fresh air, pool time, and enormous amounts of pina coladas and DosX's we started diving into about 9 am! Anyways, we're old now!

We ran around the resort almost every day and I tried a yoga class. We had lots of spa time too - manis and pedis and massages and facials. We even had a couple's massage in the palapa (tiki type hut) down by the ocean. Awesome and highly recommended.

I admit I started missing the kids on the plane ride home and wanted to keep driving after we arrived in Detroit at midnight. But after Matt was thoroughly questioned about why he would buy ammoxicillin in Mexico (48 pills for $17) by the customs agent and waiting for our luggage and shuttle, I agreed to lower my standards from the Spa Palace to the Ho Jo. Boo hoo.

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