Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter and Adoption

First of all, Happy Easter!

Secondly, I have to say that my baby, who is now approaching 4, doesn't seems so much like a baby. He has already mastered the manly art of quoting movie lines (girls don't really do this) and has perfected the art of sword fighting.

The point of my not having a baby is that I want a baby. Now there is now way in h - e - double hockey sticks I want to be pregnant again or go through that whole mess, so I'd decided the only way to get a new baby is through adoption.

A little back story for you...
I have been forbidden from watching any tv shows about Russian or Chinese (or any foreign (or domestic for that matter - they just don't do shows on USA babies who need to be adopted - and they should!)) babies in need of adoption. It is really for my own good, as I tend to call Osto in near hysterics (especially one time when I just had a baby and one time when I think I was pregnant) and proclaim all the reasons we needed to save an orphan child across the globe.

No, I decided I would have to adopt someone locally, a pretty little girl with blond hair. I've been looking for a few months, and I finally found her. So we drove across state to meet her. Of course, it was love at first sight - not just for me - but for the whole family.

I'm sure you'll agree, she is just beautiful and fits right in with the family. Meet our new baby, Marley - she is just six weeks old.


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, what a sweet face,,,,,
and those darling children.....
can't wait until i can kiss them all......

Jenny said...

OH MY WORD sweet little puppy face. I must come over and see her. So CUTE!!!!

Crystal said...

omg. she is adorable. hide your shoes!

she has to be cute in order to get away with all of the things she is about to chew up. our lab is 2 years old and has just gotten over chewing the couch. he has now started throwing up on any pourous surface he can find.

sure is adorable though!

AmyO said...

Lucky you Crystal!

jbear - come see her!