Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend Update

Happy Monday! The weekend flew by in a flurry. We finally have new carpet! Friday we spent the afternoon and evening getting things back to quasi-normal. I met my girlfriend for dinner at the Olive Garden so it was a nice break.

Saturday was more moving stuff in from the garage. It is amazing how much "stuff" we have. We made a pile to donate and junked the junk. No use bringing it back in. I feel like my new decorating scheme is clear plastic bins. These are a blessing (you can see what is in them) and a curse (because they remain organized for only anano second). Anyways, things are good in the basement respect.

Saturday was also the Pinewood Derby, where T-Bird placed third in the whole PACK! Osto was beaming as much as Bird. Bird designed a black car with a pirate theme, and is now the proud owner of a giant trophy! Fun times.

Saturday we hit one of our favorite local restaurants with Jennabear and George for a nice dinner and lots of laughs and adult conversations. I love date night!

Sunday was family time at Brother Osto's. We had a birthday celebration for my neice and me.
Happy 13th birthday Riley. You are growing into a beautiful young woman.

Also want to say congratulations to my cousin Meaghan on her wedding this past Saturday in Florida.


Jennabear said...

Great time Saturday night! Need to do that more often. You people make me laugh.

AmyO said...

we are a sad kinda way...