Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tube Fest...the sequel


Saturday, August 9, 2008


Jenny said...

Yeah!!! Looking forward to it.

Will commemorative t-shirts be available in the Camp Osto gift shop this year?

Anonymous said...

August 9 is the 45th anniversary of the first time Dan & I kissed....I really wanted to get married on August 9, but could get the church and hall at the same time.
And hey, where are the pics of my grandson that your promised????

AmyO said...

Jbear - t-shirts are a definite possibility. I'm working on some designs.

Nana - that is so cute.

Anonymous said...

Will it be safe this year? Last year we were accosted by hillbillies and Osto just sat there.. Don had my back... Kudos to Don.. Boo Osto..

AmyO said...

At Camp Osto we can make no guarantees regarding your safety, as the local riff raff (and sometimes fellow campers) can be unpredictable (or drunk).