Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The past week

We headed up to see Russ and Amy T. on Thursday to let our kids run wild in the woods and sip toddies by the fire. It was a lot of fun. On Friday, our crew, the T's and the Gil crews headed to our now annual (because we've been there twice) fourth of July festivities at Bone's and Helen's place. Thank you everyone (including George & J-bear) for your hospitality!

Then we headed to Grand Haven, a picturesque town on Lake Michigan. (You may know it from the American Pie movies). (and click here to see potential shots of Ostos over the next few weeks - ha!).

We've been vacationing there for the last 11 summers and some Ostos for their whole lives. The day in GH goes like this...wake up, have breakfast and coffee, get ready for beach, go to beach all day, come back and take a shower and nap, eat dinner, walk to pier, eat ice cream. What can be better than that!? Some days when it rains, we shop and get pedicures (like yesterday when Cal got her first pedicure - a lovely shade of blue to match her shirt!).

We will be out there over the course of the week, then we are heading up north to the other family cottage!

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