Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Dear Koz

Yesterday was one year. Your death has made an impact on me and on people I love and know and care about. It is interesting how that can happen when I personally never knew you. I have seen a lot of people struggle over the past year. People who have wondered how they could have changed the outcome of the situation; people who have thought had they been there things would have been different; people who have let your death hit them at a place I may never understand. Your family will continue to grieve forever.

For me your death has been a motivator. You represent to me youth and hope and opportunity - all gone in an instant. You were the reality that all people who are close to cops hold in a place they only take out and look at once in a while, that "what if something happens place". Suddenly we were all forced to deal with it. It has been emotional to say the least. I put on one of the Thin Blue Line bracelets at the funeral and I have worn it every day. Every time I looked at it, I thought of your lost opportunity and the strength of those who continue to represent that little line. My marriage became stronger, I appreciate my family more. I pushed myself more personally. I tried to be more forgiving. I've spent more time with my friends.

Yesterday, I went to your grave. I cried a little for the man I never met. I took off my bracelet and laid it around a little candle there. I think you understand what that meant.

You will never be forgotten.

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