Tuesday, September 02, 2008

August...part 3

The Biggest Fish We Ever Stole
by T-Bird, Cal, Chooch and Papa Bob
One morning at the family cottage, we went fishing in the pontoon. Calli saw a big eagle flying overhead. It made a sharp turn and dove into the water. It brought up something very large. The thing was very heavy and the eagle could not get it into the air - even with its large 7 foot wing span. Since it couldn't get airborne, it did the "eagle stroke" pulling the thing, trying to swim to the island to where its baby was squawking. It gave up so we drove the boat closer to get a better look. It was a huge pike! We drifted away hoping the eagle would return to retrieve its catch but it wouldn't. So we decided to scoop up the big fish and bring it back to the cottage to show everyone and tell the story. The fish measured 27" and you could see the talon marks where the eagle grasped the fish! We returned to the island and put the fish there. Later that evening when we took another boat ride, the fish was gone and the eagles were still perched in the trees.

Our "prize" - a stolen 27 inch pike!

These marks are where the eagle's talons cut into the fish.

The baby eagle doesn't have a white head yet, but is almost as big as its parent.

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