Friday, September 26, 2008


Where did this month go? I guess it washed away with all the rain that fell and the crumbling economy. How depressing. My basement has remained dry dry dry and that makes me happy!

Actually it has been a beautiful month, despite the rain, and I find myself on the cusp of my favorite time of the year. I love these chilly nights, clear blue skies and warm days. The changing leaves and perfect weather for a fire in my new firepit.

Bird and Osto are off to Camp Osto for Bird's first real hunting trip. This weekend is the youth hunt so they are in search of deer. I guess it is a rite of passage of sorts for him and I hope he faces his challenges with a clear head and a steady hand!
I can't believe it, but my princess turned EIGHT this month. She is still the most beautiful little girl in the world! She had a bowling party with some of her friends and we had a family party the next day. She and Nannie Pat shared a cake. My Nana came too. Four generations! Wow.

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