Tuesday, September 02, 2008

August...part 4 - the last hoorah of summer!

We just returned from our annual family outing at Camp Osto!
We did a two hour tube from Beauty Bend to Crawford Park - the view of this stretch of the Muskegon is worth the extra effort involved in getting into the river at this point (steep with poison ivy to dodge). The kids played rousing games of Bloody Murder each night, screaming and running in terror every few minutes! There was also swimming at the park, pond fishing, outdoor showers, playing in the pump, driving black beauty and wandering the trails. The adults enjoyed too much food, just enough drink, nightly campfires and the company of family. One nice addition for the weekend was a portajohn we rented. Its kinda funny (and pathetic) that I felt spoiled by an outhouse this weekend! Bobo and Mike visited for the first time too.

Dan and Nancy also celebrated their 40 year wedding anniversary! We celebrated with the world's largest cake, homemade cards and a framed collage of their wedding pic, their parent's and their children's wedding pictures. Thanks to Missi for working out all the details on that one. Congradulations to 40 years - that is a hell of a long time!
Thanks everyone for sharing in our little campout. Even though you have to rough it a little, it means a lot to Osto and me to share the outdoors with our nieces, nephews, kids and family. These are great memories!

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papabob said...

Great summer weather to be at Camp Osto. Such fun to be a part of with all of the kids, the Osto's the Rau's the Marley. Good food, drinks, kids with more energy than should be wasted, helping cook was a beginning of the next generation. They are catching on and having fun doing it.
Dan & Nancy's spoof at the end was classic fun.
Love Papabob.