Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Day Recap

Christmas Day means SANTA! While I was not shy about waking my household at 5:30 am as a child, my children are much better behaved and awoke us at a reasonable 6:50 am. (Sadly, I was lying there awake since 6 resisting the temptation to go wake them myself!) We had so much fun seeing what Santa brought and opening the presents the kids carefully picked out
for us. Matt received an Eagles T-shirt from Tyler and a statue of an eagle on the American flag for his desk at work. Tyler picked out a necklace that spells "MOM" for me (think serious bling) and Calli chose a cute snowman figure for me.

Later in the day, we packed up and headed to BC for Christmas with Nannie, Papa, Gee Gee, Chris, Melissa, Katie, CJ, and Charlie. There we again had great food and too many presents to open. We certainly are blessed with wonderful families, traditions to pass on, and to celebrate with four generations of love!

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