Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Eve Recap

Christmas Eve was the usual get-together with the Osto/Hunter clan.
We eat, get ready for church, take some family photos (usually involving too many chiefs and not enough indians). Then we head to the 4 pm Catholic service to enjoy the jampacked Christmas eve chaos. This involves sending someone early to save a pew to seat 10, control our patience in the parking lot, keep track of Chooch, plan an escape route in case of fire, and all the while remember the Reason for the Season! Not being Catholic, this has become one of my favorite and most bewildering Christmas traditions, especially the part where we get to leave early! On a serious note, we had a great time with the kids, Mike and Kathy and Grandpa H. in addition to Nana, Papa, Mark, Missi, Riley, Hunter and us. Great food and better memories every year.

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